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About the MaxxCard Card

The MaxxCard is a deals, discount and savings card on your phone that provides you with savings and deals when they shop at local merchants. The MaxxCard program partners with local businesses willing to offer incentives. Simply show your phone deal to the merchant at checkout and receive great deals at your local businesses

MaxxCard replaces the traditional membership card in a customers pocket and is a constant presence in a members pocket for instant and effortless communication. Business can now send consumer information, news and offers. For business, clubs and organisations frequently using direct mail, email marketing and SMS messaging, this can translate into significantly lower costs.

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The MaxxCard gives you guaranteed and unlimited savings at restaurants, car rentals, cinemas events and attractions as a resident or whenever you travel in Southwest Florida.

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The card for those extended family vacations, visiting family and friends or for those selected months when you know you will be busy shopping or dining

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This card is the ideal money saving solution for sports travel visits, short individual or family vacations,  business trips or weekend getaways

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